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001ai (Shenzhen) technology co., LTD. Was established in December 2017, the company's core founders have more than 20 years IT Internet software development, system architecture and cloud computing business model research and development, design and operation experience, and at the same time there are more than ten years intelligent hardware development, design, product experience, the experience of the production company is positioned as 'Internet platform hardware + intelligence + Internet operating' business model, build and integration of innovative and practical intelligent hardware products, at the same time using the Internet platform, do the end-to-end, central to the service and the experience, provide ongoing experience for consumers and the industry customer service.

At present, the company has more than 20 patents, and relevant intellectual property rights and patent technology will be further increased.Many intelligent products have been developed and designed, such as 'children's intelligent car', 'AR toy gun', 'AI community parent-child center', 'children's companion and education robot'. There are also many products and solutions based on international leading position in terms of smart bracelet, smart watch, bluetooth headset and industrial professional equipment.

At present, the company focuses on the research and development of artificial intelligence and machine translation products, backstage applications and related operations, and has made significant breakthroughs in the software of machine translation, online translation neural network system, relevant Internet applications, and hardware products of machine translation.At the same time, it is committed to the input and operation of the sustainable products of artificial intelligence, machine translation and related Internet value-added services, and continues to develop according to the company's positioning of 'Internet platform + intelligent hardware + Internet operation'.

The core founder of the company has the senior management experience of the world's top 500 companies and the entrepreneurial founder experience of domestic listed companies. At present, there are more than 10 team members who work together in android and IOS applications, hardware testing, production management and supply chain management.The personnel are mainly from tsinghua university, sun yat-sen university, huazhong university of science and technology, south China university of technology, hunan university, guangdong university of technology, shenzhen university and other institutions.

In the design of the hardware scheme of machine translation, the machine translation is more rigorous than the conventional intelligent hardware because of its demanding effect on speech pickup and noise reduction. Our team has first-class design experience in sound pickup and noise reduction.

At the same time, our team has rich experience in the development, design and application of bluetooth public and private protocols.

At present, we have reached a strategic cooperation with watford in the development and production of circuits and products and in the supply chain.In the process of mold design and processing, we have established close cooperation with dongguan annual profit industrial co., LTD., an internationally renowned earphone mold design supplier of JBL, JVC, OPPO and other brands. Meanwhile, as the co-founder, annual profit has made strategic investment in 001ai technology.

We plan to sell millions of translation earphones and related products in 2019 and develop over 10 million regular users.

The company's development goal is to achieve a scale of 500 people within five years, the company's performance reached 5 billion yuan, the company's valuation reached 5 to 10 billion yuan, and to achieve the international famous companies based on artificial intelligence, machine translation and Internet business, and realize the vision of 'building the company into a first-class outstanding company in the research and development and operation of Internet products'.

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