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Recruitment position:Java Software Engineer Intern
Release time: 2019-02-27
Number of recruits:2

Workplace: Wuxi, National Software Park

Recruitment: 2

Internship days: 4 days/week

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the development and optimization of the Web Sever module of the company's products. The main programming language is Java.

2. Implement high performance, high maintainability and good system back-end code.

Job requirements:

1. Computer, Communication, Electronics and Related Majors.

2. Familiar with Java, tomat server.

3. Familiar with spring framework, using database myql is preferred.

4. Love technology, dedication, teamwork and strong sense of responsibility

Recruitment position:Technical Support Engineer
Release time: 2019-04-08
Number of recruits:0

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the acceptance and support of broadband access equipment (PON/SFU/HGU, etc.) engineering and technical issues (positioning analysis, scheme formulation, communication and communication);

2. To be responsible for the construction of pilot (model) projects of broadband access equipment (including network patrol/optimization/transformation);

3. Responsible for network quality monitoring and analysis;

4. Be responsible for the compilation and training of technical documents;

5. Responsible for the operator testing of new products/functions.


1. Major in computer and communication, full-time bachelor degree or above, English CET-4 or above;

2. Familiar with the basic principles of network communication protocols, such as IPV4, IPV6, TCP/UDP; familiar with MPLS-TP/MPLS architecture and RSVP-TE, OSPF-TE, ISIS-TE, LDP and other routing protocols, in-depth understanding of the principles of L2/L3 VPN; familiar with the basic working principles, configuration and use of routers and three-tier switches;

3. Familiar with Windows, Linux operating system, server, disk array, cluster software debugging applications; SQL language, database basic application capabilities;

4. Adapt to long-term domestic and international business trips and obey working arrangements.

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